Seminars & Presentations

"Another wonderful, very well-attended seminar. The evaluations again gave you top scores for presentation, content and your written materials. It's obvious to us that your presentation is a winner each time." CLE Director of a State Bar Association

"Many of our members wrote in their program evaluations that they found you to be a very warm, humorous, effective speaker. Those were also my impressions, and it's wonderful to work with someone who both knows her material and presents it so well." Chair of a State Lawyers' Assistance Program

Experience counts in your choice of professional speaker.

Hindi Greenberg has presented continuing education programs and keynote talks across the United States and Canada to bar associations large and small, local and national, and traditional as well as specialized. She speaks on how to achieve career satisfaction, conduct career assessment, effectuate job change strategies and avoid pitfalls, assess the benefits and detriments of various job choices, and discover alternative career options using a legal degree as a basis. She has also spoken to the members of various bar associations' Young Lawyer Divisions and Lawyer Assistance Programs. Additionally, Ms. Greenberg has taught on-going courses and conducted numerous programs for law schools about the variety of practice areas and styles within and related to law and how to decide which to choose.

Ms. Greenberg's various presentations run from a one-hour keynote speech to a full day seminar, depending upon the needs of the sponsor. If your organization is interested in sponsoring her presentation, please contact Ms. Greenberg to discuss your group's needs.

(530) 274-7343

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