"You are very easy to work with, and the outplacement work you did with two of our associates was both extremely useful and fairly priced." Managing Partner, mid-size firm in Silicon Valley

"Although there are larger outplacement organizations we could have chosen, the fact that you have practiced law and have worked with legal career issues for so many years definitely gives you credibility with our terminated employees and a valuable perspective on job selection, whether in or out of law."
H.R. Director from large firm in San Francisco

Experience counts in your choice of outplacement career counsel.

Hindi Greenberg counsels partners and associates of law firms, and attorneys from legal departments of corporations and government agencies, to help them rebound from their job termination, and then to evaluate their career options. Because she practiced law for more than ten years and has, since 1985, worked successfully on career issues with more than 15,000 lawyers, she has the requisite in-depth experience to work successfully with any lawyers who need outplacement assistance.

Ms. Greenberg talks with her clients about career satisfaction, career assessment, and applicable job options and resources both in and out of law, then helps them revise their resumes and hone their interviewing techniques. She gives clients a realistic evaluation of job and career change strategies and their potential for success. Her goal is to give her clients a lot of information about relevant options and how to find and obtain them, then lay out an action plan so they can move forward in a structured manner, to examine the specific options that have been discussed. She also has numerous networking contacts to whom she can direct her clients and knows the current markets.

Ms. Greenberg also incorporates her extensive work as a career coach into the outplacement relationship, maintaining on-going weekly or biweekly telephone contact, to keep her clients on-track and enable them to clarify, set, and reach their goals in a timely manner.

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