Expert Witness

"My client and I were both very impressed with your professionalism and articulate presentation during the deposition. We were also pleased that you were able to make the issues so understandable." Trial Attorney, Los Angeles

" I was never sure what alternate career options I should recommend, for stress-disabled attorneys, in my report to their insurance companies. Now, each time I consult with you, I find that your suggestions are excellent and very helpful, and because of your outstanding credentials, have been readily accepted by the insurance companies."
Disability & Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Philadelphia

Experience counts in your choice of expert career counsel.

When the issues in a potential or actual lawsuit involve a lawyer's earning capacity or salary, employment qualifications, ability to obtain or maintain a job, or career options, Hindi Greenberg's vast experience and excellent credentials qualify her as an expert. Ms. Greenberg has consulted with both trial attorneys and rehabilitation counselors on cases where one party is a lawyer and the opponent is alleging that the lawyer is "under-earning," or where the lawyer is receiving disability payments because of medical problems and needs to make a work change. Contact Ms. Greenberg to discuss whether her qualifications might greatly enhance your case or educate a fact-finder about lawyer employment and earnings issues.

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