Career Consultations/Coaching

"I wish I had started my work with you sooner-you gave me solid career ideas, as well as direction, motivation, and a resume and cover letter that I could actually use. Plus, the networking resources were invaluable." Associate Attorney, New York City

"You saved my sanity. I was having trouble getting myself to go into work. You opened my eyes to various job possibilities, taught me how to cultivate or create jobs that interested me, and kept me on-track and focused in our coaching sessions. Now I'm doing work that makes me happy to jump out of bed each morning!"
Former Partner, Atlanta

Experience counts in your choice of career counsel and coach.

Individual Consultations:
If you are experiencing dissatisfaction or burn-out with your current job, are out of work, are having difficulty with the bar exam, or are wondering if there may be greener grass in another field, Hindi Greenberg's counseling expertise can help you. She will talk with you about career satisfaction and career assessment, applicable job options and resources both in and out of law, revising your resume, and honing your interviewing techniques. Ms. Greenberg will give you a realistic evaluation of job and career change strategies and their potential for success. Her goal is to give you a lot of information about relevant options and how to find and obtain them, then lay out an action plan so you can move forward in a structured manner, to examine the specific options that have been discussed. Ms. Greenberg also has numerous resources and networking contacts to whom she can direct you and knows the current markets. Individual consultations can be conducted in person or by telephone-she has worked with clients in most of the 50 states and in several foreign countries as well. Contact Ms. Greenberg to discuss your individual needs.

Contract Legal Work Consultations:
Contract work can be useful to some attorneys while they ponder their next step, build a solo practice or make a career change. Because of Hindi Greenberg's work as an independent contract attorney, the seminars she has presented on contract work, and her extensive writing on the topic, Ms. Greenberg has the requisite experience to conduct effective consultations about working on a contract basis-how to price, market, and run an hourly business, and the malpractice, tax and conflict of interest considerations.

Career Coaching:
Working with an experienced, effective, empathetic and efficient coach will help your career momentum. Coaching is useful to help you keep on-track in your career analysis and job hunt, as well as give you objective feedback that you may not be able to get from family and friends. In a coaching relationship, you and Ms. Greenberg maintain ongoing weekly or biweekly telephone contact, to keep you moving forward and to help you clarify, set, and reach articulated goals in a timely manner. Ms. Greenberg will help you do this by examining each week's activities, brainstorming new developments, giving you assignments for the next session and holding you accountable to complete the assignments. In this way, you will move forward and progress in your job hunt until you achieve your desired end result.

All contacts with Lawyers in Transition are held in the strictest confidence. Identities of communicators and contents of communications are never given to anyone outside of Lawyers in Transition for any reason.

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